Westin Chicago North Shore, IL
October 8-10th, 2017

This event is co-located with

Westin Chicago North Shore, IL
October 8-10th

Key Themes

I. CIO Leadership & Innovation

  • Top Talent Sourcing & Acquisition Methods
  • Creating, Maintaining, & Motivating a Dynamic IT Team
  • Practicing Executive Presence and Effective Communication Strategies with the Board
  • Strategies on IT Governance - Budgeting and Prioritization
  • Enable or Restrict Shadow IT?
  • Balancing Innovation & “Business as Usual”
  • Creating Value/Transforming an Organization with IT

II. Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud Governance in the Era of Multiple Concurrent Cloud Services/Platforms
  • Balancing Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
  • Importance of a Well-Thought-out Cloud Architecture
  • New Trends in Cloud Security: What You Gain and Lose from a Security Perspective
  • Log Correlation and Auditing Best Practices in Cloud
  • On-Premise Data Center vs. Private Cloud Based
  • Integrating Cloud Offerings into Existing Environments

III. IT Security Risk Management

  • Striking the Balance Between Security and User Usability
  • Cloud Security & Migration Strategy  
  • Dealing with Mobile and IOT Devices
  • Taking your Security Worldwide: Best Practices for IT Compliance with International Markets
  • Cybersecurity: Budget, Value, Hygiene, Risk & Compliance
  • Lack of Knowledge & Impact of Legal Actions

IV. Data Solutions: Strategy for Storage & Analytics

  • Building a Data- Centric Team: Is it Time for a Chief Data Officer?
  • Is Machine Learning the New Business Intelligence?
  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Analytics
  • How to Fully Leverage your Data on a Budget
  • Data Governance Best Practices:  Ensuring “Clean” & High-Quality Data for Your Organization

V. Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Mobile Workforce Management Strategies and Best Practices
  • Monitoring & Tracking Field Reps
  • Understanding the Right Mobility Security Approach for YOUR Business
  • BYOD of Choose Your Own Device?
  • Deploying Enterprise Client Apps to Mobile Client
  • Constant Connectivity on all work Devices

VI. Modernizing Infrastructure

  • Storage Virtualization, Encryption: What is the Next Level of Virtualization?
  • From Hyper Converged to What's Next?
  • Case Study:  Successful Infrastructures Modernization Projects
  • Automating Dynamic Scalability Governance
  • Legacy System Challenges: Moving Legacy Applications from Mainframe to Cloud
  • Cybersecurity in the Utilities Sector (Discussing SCADA, etc)