Fielding Your Vendor Dream Team - Moneyball for Software

Fielding Your Vendor Dream Team - Moneyball for Software

Each year, organizations cumulatively spend nearly 1 trillion dollars on enterprise software & services, and that number is rapidly increasing. The challenge Info-Tech has found is that over 50% of software purchasing decisions are ineffective. Worse, organizations are extremely likely to renew their software regardless of whether they are satisfied with it.

In this session we will share analytical insights from over 5000 in-depth enterprise software reviews we’ve collected from IT and business leaders to help you understand how you can more effectively select and manage enterprise software, and save money while doing it. Learn what processes are most and least effective, and where the risks are.


Hint: it’s not where you think.


Geoff Nielson

Geoff Nielson
VP of Innovation & Strategy

Info-Tech Research Group

Geoff Nielson is the Vice President of Innovation & Strategy at Info-Tech Research Group.  He has brought over a dozen software products to market, mandated to disrupt traditional IT and strategy consulting through the use of data-driven management software. Paid users of these products include FedEx, NASA, Toyota, and over 20,000 business leaders across more than 500 other organizations.

Since 2010, Geoff has advised dozens of C-level executives on data-driven strategies resulting in IT budget increases of up to $100 million dollars and increases in business leader satisfaction with IT by up to 30%.

Reporting into the Chairman & President, Geoff manages the entire product development lifecycle, including conception, design, build, customer feedback, launch, and marketing.

Prior to joining Info-Tech, Geoff worked for Wolverine Tube in a position reporting to the CFO. He was responsible for evaluating operational effectiveness and making process improvement recommendations to manage risk.

Geoff is the current record holder for Cash Cab (Canada), a trivia-based TV game show.

Geoff received his Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.