Doug Spencer

Chief Information Officer

Goldline LLC

Doug is currently the Chief Information Officer of Goldline LLC, the pre-eminent industry leader
providing precious metals to investors for over half a century. Doug also provides agile
transformation coaching, with over 25 years of technology industry experience and hands-on
agile transformation experience brought to bear in his coaching engagements. Utilizing agile
techniques in numerous successful corporate turnarounds and startups, he's invented and
brought to market several enterprise products and has experience with high-volume SaaS,
shrink-wrapped software, CDNs, Internet appliances and embedded systems development. He's
established several offshore operations for Fortune 500 and smaller clients, built with an agile
philosophy, achieving massive cost savings and improving time to market. As an international
business development executive, he's taught strategic enterprise sales techniques, agile
development, and best business practices to executives in several developing economies.