For global midmarket organizations, Indusa is an innovative technology partner that provides end-to-end enterprise software solutions and services to deliver business results: improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. With offices in the United States and Asia Pacific, Indusa has a global team of experts to deliver transformative technology solutions to meet all of the needs of our clients from consulting to maintenance, in our core practices – Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX ERP, CRM), Cloud, BI and Predictive Analytics, SharePoint, Enterprise Mobility, QA/Testing, Office 365, Custom Application Management, and Product Development. 





“We work with Indusa because their team has the critical three-legged stool: quality, price, and speed. We’re never missing a leg with Indusa.” 
- Steve Campbell, Director of IT, Nidec Motor Corp.

“Previously, a lot of time was spent re-programming the old system, but Indusa’s work has given the user community direct control over the various capabilities. In addition to increasing efficiency, they have been all-around, effective communicators and proactive partners.” 
- Alan Dattel, VP IT, AAM

“Under Indusa’s guidance, we are able to save between 60 and 75% of the operational costs as compared to previous partners. If you want a trusted business partner who takes your success as seriously as you do, and who does so in a cost-effective manner, it’s Indusa.” 
- Dave Hofmeister – Vice President, Information Technology, Champion Windows