Vanguard Systems Inc.


Vanguard Systems provides enterprise content management solutions designed to improve organizational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Vanguard's solutions solve the paper/productivity issues and make the power of information instantly available anywhere across the enterprise.  Our total solution approach creates a working partnership to help your company realize the full potential of its ECM system. Vanguard has created a system that is at home in virtually any mix of databases, server platforms and networks. Our experience spans information systems applications in practically every industry.

If your company is overwhelmed by outdated and inefficient paper – or server-based business processes, Vanguard Systems’ software has the answer. We provide you with the necessary programs and applications that streamline your business. Arming your process owners with an easy method for monitoring and tracking every task





“The flexibility in the Vanguard ECM system combined with the reliability of the Fujitsu scanners, has provided tremendous value to Joshen. Not only have we obtained significant cost savings, increased our productivity and improved our overall business process, but we’ve also been able to better service our customers with a quicker response time to their needs, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. The relationship with Vanguard has changed our day-to-day operations and positively affected our bottom line.”
- Doug Trisnar, Joshen Paper

“Our overall Day Sales Outstanding went down five days. On troubled invoices the DSO is down by up to 30 days. At Accounts Receivable: before Vanguard ECM, it could take days to resolve problems, and some customers filed requests simply to delay the payment process. Now within five minutes, we can email images of the order, invoice, and proof of delivery, and they go to the right person immediately.”
- Alan Sands, Ascot Enterprises

“Thanks to our use of the Vanguard solution, we were able to avoid the overhead that’s associated with any new hire,” says Bob Fisher, director of IT with FMP.