Opengear delivers resilient, intelligent solutions for managing critical IT and communications infrastructure via Smart Out-of-band technology. Opengear console servers and centralized management software allow you to access your network devices from anywhere at any time, providing secure, reliable business continuity, backed with failover to cellular capability.

From data centers to remote offices, your network infrastructure is at the heart of your operation, and at the edge of the cloud. Opengear ensures access to your IT infrastructure without the time and expense of sending network engineers on site, reducing downtime and saving money. With products for hyperscale installations and small IT storage closets, we cover your entire network. 




“Opengear provides us with the ability to remotely access low level management functions of our network and storage elements at each site to carry out key tasks such as firmware updates, patches and other configuration changes that cannot be carried out over the normal management platforms.By using Opengear, we effectively save a couple of days each quarter in management time and in the event of any unexpected issues, we have an effective out-of-band method of quickly troubleshooting any physical device at any data center location.”
- Joe Nichols, CTO Secura Hosting (Cloud Service Provider)

“Opengear had a clear price and performance advantage compared to other products we evaluated and it also had several advanced features that we felt offered us additional benefits.”
- Erdal Ek, Senior Network Specialist, Türkiye Finans (European Bank with over 250 branches)

“Suddenly I’m able to take this box, ship it and have them plug it in. And now I’m here in Boston, type a couple commands, and a minute later I’m connected and able to issue commands…and it’sgoing over the global cell network. We call the Opengear product a miracle!  It feels like magic.” - Dr. Daniel M. Drucker, Scientist, Interactive Motion (Providing robotic tools for healthcare applications)