Do you want to make your hybrid cloud more easily consumable by the business and give them a better self-service, storefront experience?  Do you want a simplified platform for managing the governance and security around the orders that they place through the portal? 

If so then you need vxStore, ground-breaking software that allows users to connect their private/hybrid cloud with their business.

vxStore offers an easy path to delivering an AWS-like user experience in front of your private cloud through a fully-integrated, single product. vxStore enables you to offer your customers the Public cloud experience from your own IT department, delivering technology infrastructure, platforms, and software to users as services in minutes instead of weeks.

With vxStore, fully managed virtual environment delivery supported by hierarchy, visibility and process automation is a reality.





Liverpool City Council
“We’ve designed about 200 workflows and we’ve been able to put an end-to-end flow right through from the customer going into the system and raising a request to us completing our work at the other end.” Brendan Lavelle, Programme Manager

Cardiff University (6000 staff members and 28,000 students across two main campuses, three colleges and 27 schools.)
“[The] project went very well – quick software configuration against a straightforward specification documentation... vxStore were able to provide careful guidance in both technical and non-technical speak, to various stakeholders.”
- Rob Wyn Jones

Barnardo’s (“Believe in Children”)
“The key driver behind the upgrade was enhanced customer service, so we also introduced automated feedback surveys to improve the quantity of surveys returned. Response rates have gone up from 200 per month to 200 per week enabling us to analyse and learn.” 
- James Pitt, IT Service Director