Established in 1981, mrc is a global software company specializing in enterprise web application development. mrc’s flagship product, the m-Power Development Platform, helps businesses build any type of application without coding, such as, Business Intelligence, reporting, dashboards, workflow, mobile apps, portals, and more.

Other organizations commonly use the m-Power Development Platform to:

  1. Deliver secure data access across all levels of the business
  2. Build custom applications over existing systems
  3. Provide self-service reporting options to end users
  4. Improve application development speed and delivery

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“Easily the best technology investment I’ve made in my 20+ year career.”
- John Perrin, CIO, Farner-Bocken Company

“Our return on investment is way beyond what was originally conceived because there are whole new areas to which it can be applied.” 
- Alan Briggs, General Binding Corporation

“We chose m-Power for its flexible Business Intelligence capabilities, but also realized that it offers a far more extensible platform as compared with other more specialized BI tools. With m-Power, we’ve consolidated our data into a secure web portal where each department can easily access the data and reports they require in seconds. We have utilized m-Power to extend capabilities of our existing Retalix ERP database—avoiding   modification costs and giving us more bang for the buck.”
- Paul Millard, IT Manager at Renzi Foodservice